Just so ya know…

I am merely a simple girl, not a theologian and do not pretend – nor desire – to be anything else.  I am a child of God who passionately loves my heavenly Father and the work He has done in my life. I write what I am prompted to write, what God is showing me in my own faith walk, and I must trust the Holy Spirit to untangle the mess of my words and speak to you.

18 thoughts on “Just so ya know…

  1. Thank you for your comments concerning the horror in Aurora. It was no accident that you and your girls were in the theater that night, and our Lord knew you would give Him glory and speak the Truth. I am praying that those who are seeking and asking questions read what you wrote and at some point accept Christ as Savior. Thank you for allowing Him to use you to further His Kingdom.
    I am eagerly following your blog now!

  2. When I read you Merciful God post after the Aurora Tragedy, I chose to follow your blog. I am thinking that Aurora means Dawn. Thanks to the Lord and all the forces He is mobilizing there will be a new Dawn after the “dark night.” Thanks for holding up the shield of faith and the light of truth!

  3. There is no need to reply to this. I read what you wrote about our merciful God on FB and I was so touched by your words. He is a merciful God and those that can’t see that have scales on their eyes. I pray that those scales would come off and perhaps your post will have planted a seed that will make that happen. I also will pray for God’s comfort for you and your girls.

  4. Your 14 year old and her comfort in the Scriptures encourages me. Stand strong in Him and don’t forget. Thank you for sharing. Just read this to my wife and 16 year old daughter.

  5. My pastor’s wife shared your blog with me and I felt compelled to let you know that I’m praying for you and your children. What an awesome testimony you presented when you shared your experience in that theater. I’m also going to pray for the people who’ve made ugly remarks to you. There is so much evil in the world today and only the Word is able to neutralize it. God bless you as you share His Word!

  6. I read your blog about the shooting, and I was so blessed. Thanks for sharing your heart and telling the truth about your faith. Be encouraged. You walked by faith through a tough time, and you are a warrior.

  7. Marie, may God continue to bless you and give you strength. Bless you for the easy way in which you speak truth directly, may your words and your thoughts continually and powerfully give life and hope through Christ. I’m thankful you and the girls survived and feel confident your work/words will have a powerful reach and impact on your family in Christ and those who don’t yet know Him as their savior. May God grant you and your daughters a glorious sleep and renewal only He can provide and protect the gentle spirit that appears to be a legacy in your home. Your sister, Sherí

  8. Thank you – for your words – sharing your heart – and being a light to many who often only see darkness. I hope you know your efforts make a difference in the lives of others. Again – thank you.

  9. I am so sorry that you and your girls had to be the ones to experience this unspeakable act in order that God’s purpose is realized. Like you, I believe that God doesn’t will bad things to happen, but that he uses them for His plan and to bring us closer to Him. God has certainly already used those few horrendous moments for His glory, through people like you.

    Thank you for reminding me what it really means to be a Christian; to be strong and confident in your God and His awesome power in the face of evil; to share His love for everyone, despite how tough loving life and loving others may be; and to never forget that this life is just preparation for Heaven. Your unapologetic conviction to share His love through this senseless tragedy is so refreshing. And I feel outright guilty admitting that, considering what you just had to live through in order that I might be reminded of how I should be proclaiming His grace and goodness at every opportunity. But then again, a demonstration of some good that has come from evil…

    Surely His kingdom is larger today than it was before you sat in that theater. I hope you find some peace in knowing that.

    Your town, the grieving families, your family and the rest of the survivors are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to meeting you in our forever home one day…

  10. Yes. yes! Those of us who have a true calling to write about our faith do so for His glory, not our own!

  11. I heard enough of you on Chris Fabry this afternoon to glean your blog URL…thanks for putting things into a perspective that no one else seems willing or able to see. I believe that God watned youto share your experience in that movie theater with others, also. Thanks.

  12. FYI, I happened to come across your blog because I had seen it linked somewhere, although I cannot remember where now, in relation to the tragic movie theater shooting. I have since come back to this blog, many times, reading and rereading your words. I am a Christian and have been one for many years. I applaud your commitment to Christ, and I absolutely love reading your ramblings. You pull out the truth in your life and somehow center it and tie it to God’s truth, and I think that’s beautiful. God has given you wisdom and eloquence. So glad I found this little space on the web. God Bless.

  13. I love the way you crafted your “about” page with such humility. I will be following you to see what Christ is doing through you. If you get the time, please check out my Christian blog as well.
    May God richly bless you.

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